When Craft Beer Goes Bad


All beer, even good craft beer can and will go “bad” under normal conditions. In fact, the quality of beer starts to change the minute it leaves the brewery. A normal keg of beer has a shelf life of a just a few months if stored optimally, which includes being stored cold. The chart […]

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24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

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What Is IPA?


Said to be the most popular American craft beer style, the India Pale Ale is definitely not for everyone. Explosive hoppy flavor jumps from the glass and plunders your mouth of residual taste that might be lingering. Some people don’t care for the strength and bitterness but this is precisely what makes it so […]

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Beer Glass Identification Chart

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The Independant Beer Movement

Over the last few decades, small, independent breweries in the U.S. have been quietly growing. And though large breweries outpace smaller ones in annual production, craft beers are using their local roots, small scale, and unique offerings to attract devout followers and loyal customers. We take a closer look with Intuit at the rising […]

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Extreme Ingredients

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5 Great Ways to Enjoy Guinness That Aren’t Drinking It


Everyone loves a good beer, right? Right. So why stop at just drinking it? Below are a collection of 5 great Guinness recipes. Feel free to enjoy them before noon without getting strange looks.

Guinness Brownies

First up is a recipe from Daily Waffle for Guinness Brownies.



1 can Guinness, reduced down to 1 cup
5 ounces chocolate […]

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